Dear Visitor, 


Welcome to Switzerland, one of the most beautiful and well-known countries of the world. Its economic power was not granted by the height of its mountains, but through centuries of high-quality performance.

Its education is rightly considered as renowned at world-class level, and here we have opened our private college following the ones in Budapest and London.

Beside the theoretical education in our courses in business, tourism, hotel and hospitality management, in finance, information technology, healthcare management and diplomacy, our students can gain worldclass professional experience in the Swiss economy to be capitalized in any country of the world. While studying the most modern technologies, our students can experience the culture which has rightly made the country exemplary in the world.

Our courses are conducted in English, hence they are applicable globally because our courses aim not only for knowledge and degree but also for subsequent professional placement in the most renown and powerful economies. Our education system swiftly introduces the new educational technologies and methods as they develop globally. The courses can be followed from any country.

Please benefit from the unique opportunity of studying in up to four highly appreciated countries during one single study course. Our students also have the opportunity to join short-term or long-term courses at our colleges in Budapest or London. All unique, special opportunity of a lifetime. Switzerland is a wonder and we welcome you here, too!


Education Prof. Galgóczi Ferenc DBA